Plastic Free Laos

working towards a plastic free laos

The Plastic Free Laos label certifies green businesses that are committed to reducing single-use plastic

Plastic pollution is endangering people, animals and plant life worldwide, and is also one of the contributors to Climate Change. The Plastic Free Laos label aims to reduce the use of disposable plastic by providing education, tools, and certification to businesses. We currently have members in Vientiane Capital, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang, and are expanding across the country. Join Plastic Free Laos label today and help to make a positive change!

Rent Your Cup

The average cafe or restaurant in Laos uses around 200 plastic cups per day. The “Rent Your Cup” initiative is aimed at reducing this type of plastic waste in the hospitality sector.

Hotels, cafes and restaurants rent out reusable cups to customers, which they can return to any participating business. The cups are then washed thoroughly and reused.

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